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G-Coffee for Extra Protein

on December 4, 2014

I was finding that many days I was not getting enough protein, in part due to having to keep my over-all calories in check, but I also do weight training to gain more muscle mass, so it is important to get enough protein to maintain or gain more muscle. To make sure I was meeting the general guidelines of .7-1g of protein per pound of lean mass (1.5-2.2g per kg). I found a simple way to get that protein: my morning coffee which is my breakfast.

I already make my own version of the famous Bulletproof coffee, which I call protein coffee, using coconut milk, a little mct oil, and protein powder well blended with hot coffee. To that I now add a tablespoon of plain gelatin powder (I like the Now brand beef gelatin), to the 10-14oz of hot coffee and blend well. The gelatin has no taste so your coffee will taste no different. You really do need to use the blender, since the gelatin wants to settle, so you can get a mass of undissolved gelatin at the bottom of the cup by only stirring. It makes a little bit of a foamy top when used only with the coconut milk or cream, a bit like a cappuccino.

Some days this is also my lunch or dinner, if I’m busy.

Protein is very satiating, and often when people go on sugar-free and/or low carbohydrate eating plans, they may not get enough protein, and feel hungry; then some people over eat meat get way too much. The word is “adequate”; we need enough protein to feed our bodies, so how much we get matters. In general, women need at least 45g per day, and men 55g; but if you lead a busy, active life, and also do exercise, you may need more. Another reason why it is good to log food intake occasionally, or regularly for those trying to lose weight who don’t lose easily.

Here’s a useful link for more information of protein needs: http://www.acaloriecounter.com/diet/how-much-protein-per-day/

Nutrition Information:
Beef Gelatin Powder (Now Foods)
1 tablespoon (10 g)
35g calories
0g fat
0g carb
9g protein
0g fiber


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