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Breading? With Ground Pork Rinds You Can!

on September 10, 2014

I have been reading about using ground pork rinds for breading or crumbing for quite  a while, but somehow it didn’t sound that great to me. But I had seen a recipe I really wanted to give it try, but it called for the old breading method; so I found a product called “pork dust” aka ground up pork rinds on Amazon. They are over-priced, but it was worth it for the convenience for a trial. These ground rinds are nearly tasteless, so work beautifully for making foods like chicken parmesan, or stuffed chops, among many others. I heartily recommend this method of “breading/crumbing”!  

I am going to make my own ground pork rinds from now on since it will be cheaper by far. The key is to get the plain type. Process them until they are very fine. Store them in the freezer.

I have recently made both stuffed pork chops and chicken parmesan, and thought they were good enough to fool a non-low carber, which is my test for good taste.



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