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Low Sugar Jam

on July 20, 2014

If you have tried some of the no-sugar jams or preserves you know they are pretty awful in the main. I do find Jok n’ Al’s brand pretty good, but they are low-sugar, not no-sugar. As she loves jam, I decided to let my grand-daughter make some jam while she was visiting that would be low sugar and still taste good. To my surprise using 1/7th of the sugar called for in the recipes for regular jam, she made a very good–I am not biased in this!–blueberry jam.

I used the grocery store pectin (Ball liquid pectin). Looking in my cookbooks the recipes are all about the same. The recipe was in the pectin recipes inclosed in the box. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN ALL BUT THE AMOUNT OF SUGAR YOU USE.

We used

3 cups fresh blueberries, slightly mashed.
1 cup of organic evaporated cane sugar
1 packet of pectin
2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

This gave us approximately 3 pints of jam. I sterilized the jars, then after filling the jars, placed them in a hot water bath for 10 minutes to seal the jar lids. You will hear the pop as they seal, telling you they are done and can be left unrefrigerated, Refrigerate or freeze any jars you open, or don’t get sealed.

We also did same with strawberries, and I think I let it stay on the boil too long for we got strawberry sauce, which she loved for the low carb ice cream I make, and other uses. Lesson being, you really can’t ruin what you make short of burning a batch, it just may be thicker or runnier.

The carb count was less that 2 carbs per rounded tablespoon.

Note: You can make this with Truvia or some other sweetener like erythritol and stevia.


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