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Bolognese Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

on January 16, 2014

I had been craving the meat sauce traditionally known as Bolognese; part of my desire in winter for comfort foods. The traditional sauce is relatively low in carbs, but I need still lower carbs for my LCHF plan.  This is delicious on squash noodles, I use the green zucchini variety. I use a neat little gadget that makes long strips like noodles, which I then lightly sauté in a bit of butter to use in place of regular pasta. Konjac or shirataki pasta are also options I’ve used. This is good way to extend meat.

Recipe is for 4 serviings.

Bolognese Meat Sauce

1 pound ground beef

1 teaspoon minced garlic or garlic powder

2 tablespoons of minced onion or dehydrated onion

7 ounces of diced canned tomatoes

2 Tbs of tomato paste

1 small carrot finely diced

1 stalk of celery finely diced

1 T of Italian herb mix

2 cups of beef or chicken stock or water

1/2 cup red wine (opt)

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (opt)

Sauté the ground beef until just done, not really browned, more like steamed, then add remaining ingredients, plus salt and pepper to taste. When the vegetables get soft, take a potato smasher and squish everything together so that the sauce is fairly smooth with no big chunks of meat or veg adjust seasoning. Simmer for a couple hours to improve the taste.

Good on a bed of lettuce, the squash noodles, or shirataki noodles.

The carb count for zucchini noodles at about < 2 carbs per 100g, or 1/4 of a medium size squash.


Serving Size: 1 serving
Calories 374
Calories from Fat 245.9
Total Fat 27.32g
Total Carbohydrate 7.42g
Dietary Fiber 1.43g
Protein 21.13g

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