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Thanksgiving Day Turkey

on November 28, 2013

My spouse and I are on our own this year and briefly flirted with the idea of going out for our holiday meal, but I love turkey and all the turkey leftovers, plus the gallon of delicious and nutritious bone broth I will make with the carcass. I am using the slow-roast method. I have a small ten pound turkey, locally raised on an Amish farm. I brined it for a day, rinsed well and patted dry. I then salted inside and out, and rubbed melted butter over the bird so it will brown nicely. I filled the cavity with a garlic bulb left whole, a small onion, a halved apple, plus a big bunch of thyme, and stuck sprigs of thyme and rosemary under the skin, and around  wings, thighs, and legs. And parsley in all the other nooks and crannies.

Placed in a shallow roasting pan lined with foil, added some carrots and other root vegetables around the sides, the placed uncovered in the oven set at 200F/93C for ten hours. An hour before dinner raise the temperature to 375F/190C, and

165F internal temp deepest great and thugh

People warn foolishly that slow cooked turkey is unsafe, but in fact it is safer because the bird is thoroughly cooked which your meat thermometer will tell you.


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