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My Thanksgiving Day Menu

on November 8, 2013

With just my spouse and I at home for the holiday my menu will be simpler than if my family were coming over, but here is the plan. I will attach photos and nutritional information as I get the meal prepared in a couple of weeks. You know that old Benjamin Franklin saw: Failure to plan, is planning to fail. So here is my plan.

Starters: Flax crackers with truffle mouse pate and brie (A glass of champagne or dry white wine may also be added if we are in the mood.)

Turkey-roasted (we will eat mostly the fattier dark meat and save the white meat for casseroles with added fat, and turkey salad with double mayo).

Stuffing/dressing– Celery and low-carb bread stuffing with lots of sage, rosemary, thyme.

Cranberry Relish – a low carb version that has almost no sweetener (stevia drops)

Cauliflower Mash – roasted cauliflower processed with lots of butter, cream, and seasonings.

Gravy: (this is a maybe) Using the turkey pan juices, thicken with guar gum or other low carb friendly thickener.


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie – I use stevia drops to sweeten. A small sliver will be very satisfying topped with plenty of home whipped cream.

Lots of delicious HFLC food, and no uncomfortable after dinner crashes.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day!



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