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Orange-Vanilla Cranberry Sauce

on October 17, 2013


Holidays are coming, so I’m getting ready with hflc foods that work at home and for parties. This is an easy version of traditional cranberry sauce, but some added flavor. You can use xylitol or stevia or a combination to get the very tart berries a little sweet. I was lucky to find a quantity of organic cranberries which are rare in my markets.  I made a large batch so I would have plenty for the freezer. Cranberry sauce is good with poultry, pork, and even on cream cheese for an appetizer.

Orange-Vanilla Cranberry Sauce

22 oz fresh cranberries

4 tbsp dried orange peel

1 (5g) vanilla bean

1/2 tsp Thickenthin or guar gum

15- 20 drops stevia

1/2 cup xylitol

3 cups water

Add all ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil; remove from heat once the cranberries pop open.  Store in glass jars. Freezes well.


Serving Size: 1 serving = 2 ounces

Amount per Serving

Calories 9

Total Carbohydrate 1.85g/ Net >1 g per serving

Dietary Fiber 0.76g


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