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Wilted Salad

on September 20, 2013

If you have never had wilted salad you have been missing a treat. My mother used to go to a stream near our house in the country, and come back with a big bunch of watercress (which has a very nice slightly peppery taste);  we knew this meant a bacon laden meal of goodness. You can use the same technique on dandelion greens, baby spinach, spring lettuce, leaf lettuce and the like, with no-fail good taste. These numbers are for about  3-4 people, and an estimate at best–this serves two as a main dish in my house.

6 cups rinsed and dried  watercress

6 strips of fat bacon

salt and pepper to taste

Do this when everyone is seated for the meal. You want the salad made right before you eat it.

Tear or cut the cress into a large bowl. Fry the bacon in a skillet until crispy; remove and break into pieces. Pour the hot bacon dripping over the cress, add sqlt and pepper, and mix well, then dish out the cress to the salad plates (hence the term “wilted”);  top with a generous sprinkle of  the bacon. Enjoy!

Watercress is just the kind of green our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have relished.


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