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Cook for the Week

on January 23, 2013

This is obviously not a recipe, but I was reminded in talking with my son that some people might benefit from learning some tricks for reducing the amount of cooking necessary for a paleo or HFLC diet. The main one is to cook a lot at one time, which usually takes very little more time, or fuel, to do. Usually I choose one day a week to cook a lot of meat, say a dozen large burgers, a couple chickens, a large roast, a big pot of soup, chili,  boil a dozen eggs, etc. The extras keep in the refrigerator easily for a week, and, excepting the eggs, can be frozen for future use if you don’t get through it all.

One trick, especially if you use the microwave to reheat, is to under cook the meat, for microwaves dry out meats of all kinds. For instance, when I cook burgers of beef, lamb, turkey, or some mix of them, I just sear the outside well in a large skillet, or you could do the same under the oven broiler, then allow to cool before refrigeration. Later, a minute in the microwave brings them to just the medium stage we prefer. The only exception might be poultry, where you want to roast to normally done stage, for poultry is good cold, and does not dry out quite so much in the microwave.

Since vegetables don’t usually take much time, the only vegetables I cook in quantity are firm vegetables like carrots, turnips, squash, etc., or kale, chard, collards which need more attention that spinach or asparagus. I also keep frozen veggies since fresh ones often go bad when we have a busy week or two, and our meals are less regular. Fresh is preferable, but frozen is also good.

While my oven is hot I may also make some of the egg bread-substitutes like Revolution/Ooopsie rolls, flax crackers, or things like kale chips. I hate wasting energy, so I like having a cooking marathon of a couple hours and getting it done for several days.

The major advantage is having no excuse for a good meal since I know I have the fixings ready at hand, and my spouse who does not cook likes that he can put together a meal in a couple minutes when I’m out on business or simply gallivanting about.

Also, this is a good tip for times when you have company.

Please share any time saving hints you have.


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