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Deli-style Roast Chicken or Pork

on January 18, 2013

This is astonishingly easy and tastes like the deli-style meats we  used to enjoy. I have only tried this with pork shoulder roast and whole chicken, but it should work with any reasonably fatty meat.

Turn the slow cooker on high for a few minutes while you take the meat or fowl and rub it with lemon pepper, salt, black (garlic or onion powder if you like them)–rosemary, and other such dried herbs are also nice additions.

Place the chicken or roast into the cooker, and here is the trick: add no liquid. Reduce the heat and allow to cook over night or all day–or according to your cooker’s directions. I am sloppy about timing with slow cookers since it’s hard to over-cook the typical crockpot type meal.

The meat smells and tastes like the deli version, and if you can slice the pork roast thinly you get great meat for roll-ups or other lunch uses.

PS: Save all those lovely juices that will come out in the cooking process. The fat and broth are very nutritious.


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