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Beef Shanks

on January 15, 2013

If you have not tried this inexpensive cut of meat, then you are missing a real treat. The shank which comes from the leg of beef is well-marbled, and like most meat that is close to bone, has a much richer taste. You also get that tasty and healthy bit of marrow in the bone.

I lightly brown the meat (salted and peppered) in a bit of beef or bacon fat, then toss in half an onion, a carrot or two, and lots of celery and cook  for just a minute or two, then add either beef broth or water and let simmer for a couple hours. This is a great dish for the crock-pot. The beef broth is bone broth, so keep it for cooking or drinking as bouillon. The meat will fall off the bone, and can simply be eaten with the vegetables with a big dollop of horseradish sauce, or you can use it for b-b-q or other beefy meals.

I don’t find these as often as I used to, so I stock up when they are available. Our local natural foods market has been having the grass fed option, which tells me more people are asking for these old favorite, inexpensive cuts of meat.

Also, these a delicious with lots of different seasonings and there are loads of recipes out there.


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