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Lettuce Wraps

on January 7, 2013

Actually you can wrap many things in lettuce like deli-sliced meats/cheese (btw: invest in an inexpensive slicer, which is great for making your own deli style meats, jerk, etc), fresh or smoked salmon, or similar fish, with a dollop of sour cream + additives like dill, or whatever strikes your fancy. I think butter lettuce (hydroponic lettuce) or the big loose leaf lettuces work best, iceberg is a bit too stiff. My favorite wrap is the Asian-style wraps using ground or finely chopped chicken with spicy seasonings. This recipe, like most of mine, is the splash and dash variety, though you can find good recipes on some of the low-carb sites if you need more specifics.

Serves 2-4

1 lb ground chicken or turkey or pork (beef is okay, but I prefer the lighter meats for this)- brown using plenty of  good fat in a skillet or wok. I might add some mushrooms or water chestnuts if I have some on hand.

Add any or all of the following, start with 1 tbs then adjust to your own tastes: Mongolian fire oil &/or sesame oil, soy sauce, fish or oyster sauce; for extra spicy add some sriracha or red peppper flakes.

Toss in a couple of sliced scallions at the end.

I serve this in a small bowl (custard cup usually) on a plate with lettuce leaves. I don’t know why it is so satisfying to build or make food at the table as with this dish or fondue, but it is. Finger bowls are a nice touch. At present I am actively advocating for the return of finger bowls, but not getting very far outside my own house.


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