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Fried Stuffed Boiled Eggs

on January 6, 2013

Based on Jacques Pepin’s recipe, Eggs Jeanette, invented by his mother.

Boil eggs to almost hard stage (about 13 minutes if eggs are placed in boiling water then removed from the heat).

Remove yolks and mash well, add chopped parsley, some butter, cheese, bacon bits, salt and pepper.

Fill whites to level, retain a little of the yolks ( 1 T for 3-4 eggs)

Heat bacon fat or butter then place eggs cut side down and brown. Remove without turning over.

With remaining egg yolk, add a little water, oil, dijon or other mustard, s&p–enough to make a light sauce–and pour onto a dish, them place fried egg halves with browned side up.


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