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Chook from Oz

on October 16, 2012

I got this recipe from Owsley “Bear” Stanley who lived on almost nothing but fatty meat for over fifty years. “Oz” is the nickname for Australia, where he lived for decades, and “chook” is chicken in the Oz vernacular. Need I say this chook is incredible?

Make a paste of the butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper and other spices you like (paprika, cayenne, cumin, etc). (Chimichuri is also a great mixture to use.) Carefully separate/ lift the skin of the breast area and spread the paste, then butter, salt and pepper the skin all over. Roast at 375F for 35-45 minutes or until a meat thermometer registers 160-165F.

Serving Size: 1 portion
Amount per Serving
Calories 531
Calories from Fat 351.1
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 39.01g/60%
Saturated Fat 3.25g/16%
Cholesterol 15mg/5%
Sodium 47.28mg/1%
Total Carbohydrate 0.31
Dietary Fiber 0.08g
Sugars 0.26g
Protein 43g/86%

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