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Dripping: Good as grease gets.

on October 4, 2012

I grew up in a rural area so lots of “how tos” about food are practically in my DNA. For example, what’s with all the hflc/paleo/primal joy in dripping?  Dripping is another term for grease or fat, and is what you get when you cook a pan of bacon; or roast beef, poultry, lamb, or any other meat.

The tastiest to most folks is bacon dripping, but all the fats you can collect from cooking meat are worth saving for future use. I strain (not necessary but makes it look better) all the bacon grease into a stainless steel canister with a hinged lid, and store in the refrigerator. I use a lot of bacon dripping.  You can make the best fried foods with this grease, and add lots of flavor to other things like pork chops/steaks you cook in it.

Plus you can make an incredibly delicious homemade mayonnaise with bacon grease that’s good on all kinds of meat and vegetables.

Other grease I strain and save in well-marked glass jars.  Other drippings are great for sauteing the same type of meat. I use saved beef dripping for browning my beef roasts before putting them in the oven/slow cooker–same idea for poultry.

All grease freezes well, and keeps for ages. I’ve kept grease for two years, sealed in glass jars.

An old-fashioned (still popular some places like England) breakfast treat is to fry bread in dripping. I use low carb gluten free bread I make, and it tastes wonderful with a sprinkle of sea salt, and/or topped with a poached egg.

Got any good uses for dripping?


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